Radiance Systems | About Our Company
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About Our Company

Radiance Systems is a leading managed IT services provider specializing in cutting-edge IT solutions for different industries. We’ve built a name for ourselves as the go-to company for full-scale technology managed services and software services. As a tried and tested service provider, Radiance Systems will address all of your managed IT solutions needs, adapting our strategies, and applying our unrivaled experience to provide you with customized service. Our team of skilled IT experts, vast experience in handling different kinds of IT projects, and customized services are some of the things that set us apart from other service providers.

We started this company to provide tangible solutions for the many IT problems that businesses experience. Typically, most of them spend too much time trying to run the company’s whole IT infrastructure, something which leads to inefficiencies. We thought that businesses are unnecessarily spending a lot of money on inefficient IT systems and we sought to offer them better solutions that would help them save money while achieving operational efficiency.

Another reason that prompted us to start our company is that there wasn’t a single customer-service oriented company at the time we came into business. The few companies that existed did not have the capacity to provide tailored services at a price most businesses could afford. So we came into business to fill the gap that existed and provide new possibilities for businesses across the spectrum. To fill the gap, we focused on leveraging a unique approach that seeks to understand the unique needs and potential of a business. This enabled us to create tailored solutions for businesses in different industries.

Our services

IT managed services, cloud-based computing, audio-video conferencing, structured cabling, new office setup, custom web development, CRM customer relations development, mobile device support, custom software development, vendor management, security solutions, network documentation, proactive maintenance, backup & disaster recovery, onsite support, and network documentation.

Our mission

We strive to help businesses of all kinds to scale the heights by offering them tangible IT solutions. We also seek to align our customers’ IT goals with their business goals so they can grow. That’s why we’ve put together a team of skilled professionals to ensure you get cutting-edge IT solutions that will make everything easier for you.

Our vision

Our vision is to become the most trusted managed IT services provider globally. We have a clear roadmap that will help us achieve this vision. By offering tailored managed IT services at the best prices and staying on top of IT trends, we’ll certainly be the go-to service provider for almost every business.

Our team

Abdul Khan- Radiance Principal

Fas Shahid –Project Manager III

Muz Khan –Senior Security Architect

Joe Nazari- Senior Security Engineer

Alvaro Lopez- Business Development

Hasitha Chamikara – SharePoint Engineer

Keith Carter – Business Development

Shaikh Adeel Shahid- AWS Architect Engineer

Industries we serve

  • Medical offices
  • Financial institutions
  • Legal firms
  • Corporations
  • Non-profits
  • Legal firms
  • Retail & business services providers
  • Transport and logistics firms

Eliminate IT issues for good by working with Radiance Systems.